38 Paradise Quotes

  • The only paradise is paradise lost. – Marcel Proust


  • A fool’s paradise is a wise man’s hell!. – Thomas Fuller


  • We must prefer real hell to an imaginary paradise. – Simone Weil


  • Your library is your paradise. – Desiderius Erasmus


  • Paradise is too perfect for humanity. – Dario Argento


  • Privacy is paradise. – Holly Hunter


  • God hides the fires of hell within paradise. – Paulo Coelho


  • Paradise is not a place; it’s a state of consciousness. – Sri Chinmoy


  • A worker’s paradise is a consumer’s hell. – Esther Dyson


  • There is a kind of serenity in love which is almost a paradise. – Alain Badiou
  • God comes first. Paradise is not cheap. – Hakeem Olajuwon


  • Paradise is not the place you go when you die. Paradise is when your mind is in a perfect state. – Frederick Lenz


  • Life is a paradise for those who love many things with a passion. – Leo Buscaglia


  • Every beloved object is the center point of a paradise. – Novalis


  • Paradise is open to all kind hearts. – Pierre Jean de Beranger


  • Life is paradise, and we are all in paradise, but we refuse to see it. – Fyodor Dostoevsky


  • Those who promise us paradise on earth never produced anything but a hell. – Karl Popper


  • Create a paradise anywhere you go. – Bjork


  • Even paradise could become a prison if one had enough time to take notice of the walls. – Morgan Rhodes


  • Oxford, the paradise of dead philosophies. – George Santayana


  • Whoever threads a path seeking knowledge, God will make easy for him the path to paradise. – Unknown


  • Time has shown that Paradise is not cheap, and neither is Hell unnecessary. – Said Nursi


  • Paradise is here or nowhere: you must take your joy with you or you will never find it. – Orison Swett Marden



  • Children are the keys of paradise. – Eric Hoffer


  • Gentleness and kindness will make our homes a paradise upon earth. – C. A. Bartol


  • Certainly paradise, whatever, wherever it be, contains flaws. If it did not, it would be incapable of drawing the hearts of men or angels. – Henry Miller


  • Paradise is exactly like where you are right now… only much, much better. – Laurie Anderson


  • Travel is seeking the lost paradise. It is the supreme illusion of love. – Anais Nin


  • Hell is where everyone is doing his own thing. Paradise is where everyone is doing God’s thing. – Thomas Howard


  • The heart of man is, so to speak, the paradise of God. – Alphonsus Liguori


  • Paradise is for those who make paradise. – Ursula K. Le Guin


  • Paradise was made for tender hearts; hell, for loveless hearts. – Voltaire


  • Paradise is not somewhere else… it is within you. And it is not in some other time, after death… It is in you right now. – Rajneesh


  • He who indulges in falsehood will find the paths of paradise shut to him. – Abu Bakr


  • Recollection is the only paradise from which we cannot be turned out. – Jean Paul


  • You cannot avoid paradise. You can only avoid seeking it. – Joko Beck


  • He who aspires to paradise should learn to deal with people with kindness. – Abu Bakr






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