45 Quotes about judging

I feel like when people judge me they’re not judging me, because they don’t know who I am. – Gisele Bundchen

Our society is used to judging content by its package and label. – Joanna Krupa

There’s no need to hang about waiting for the last judgment. It takes place every day.- Albert Camus

I hate prejudice, discrimination, and snobbishness of any kind – it always reflects on the person judging and not the person being judged. Everyone should be treated equally. – Gordon Brown

Beware, so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance. -Jean de La Fontaine

By judging others, you make yourself easy to judge. – Ashly Lorenzana

The least amount of judging we can do, the better off we are. – Michael J. Fox

If you judge people, you have no time to love them. – Mother Teresa

Judging is acting on a limited knowledge. Learn the art of observing without evaluating. – Pushpa Rana

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It’s up to God to do the judging. You haven’t walked in my boots, so how are you going to judge me – Aaron Neville

Listening to both sides does not necessarily bring about a correct judgment. – Donald Rumsfeld

The finest lesson I’ve learned with age is that all I need is a small team of comrades who inspire me, try not to judge me, and remind me when I’m judging myself. – Lake Bell

By judging others we blind ourselves to our own evil and to the grace which others are just as entitled to as we are. – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I’ve gotten really good at not judging characters. – Sebastian Stan

Instead of judging people, we need to pray.- Joyce Meyer

I have a lot of people judging my every move. It’s important for me to not let it rule my life. – Lourdes Leon Ciccone

We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I had this notion that everyone was staring at me and judging everything about me, from my appearance to the way I talk and everything. – Ricky Williams

When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself. – Earl Nightingale

If I stop judging other people, I free myself from being judged, and I can dance – Patti Digh

I grew up with a strong set of values – and one was never judging someone by how much money they had. – Henry Paulson

When we stop judging others and ourselves, our heart begins to open. – Swami Dhyan Giten

I’m not the judge. You know, God didn’t tell me to go around judging everybody. – Joel Osteen

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People who judge others tell more about Who They Are, than Who They Judge. – Donald L. Hicks

Can anything good come of a backward way of thinking like judging someone based on skin color? No way. – Adam McKay

Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers. – Voltaire

It’s quite stressful knowing that every time you walk out the door, someone is going to be giving you a very good look up and down, judging everything you wear. – Emma Watson

We should be rigorous in judging ourselves and gracious in judging others. – John Wesley

When you meet a man, you judge him by his clothes; when you leave, you judge him by his heart. – Russian Saying

When I start working on an idea, I immediately record without judging it. – St. Lucia

Do not judge, and you will never be mistaken. – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

It is well, when judging a friend, to remember that he is judging you with the same godlike and superior impartiality. – Arnold Bennett

To judge a man by his weakest link or deed is like judging the power of the ocean by one wave. – Elvis Presley

No accurate thinker will judge another person by that which the other person’s enemies say about him. – Napoleon Hill

I can’t go anywhere without someone judging me. – Britney Spears

I like my life alone. I mean, I love being with friends, and I love kissing and loving someone to pieces. But it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t ultimately start judging you and your choices. – Sarah Silverman

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If you find it necessary to judge someone by their past, don’t be surprised when they find it necessary to put you there.

You know why I fear people’s judgment? Because I know they’re judging. I know they are. – Kate Winslet

Anytime we’re interacting with someone, we’re judging them, we’re sharing expectations, we think they didn’t live up to those expectations. – Jonathan Haidt

When you are in the public eye, you have to protect yourself. There are so many people judging you. I just try to be myself. – Venus Williams

Don’t judge men’s wealth or godliness by their Sunday appearance. – Benjamim Franklin

If someone is judging you without knowing the content of your character, don’t listen to them. – Jazz Jennings

Even God doesn’t plan to judge a man till the end of his days, why should you and I – Unknown

Don’t pass judgement on others or you might be judged yourself. – Brian Cohen

I do not judge men by anything they can do. Their greatest deed is the impression they make on me. – Henry David Thoreau