Are you stuck? 5 tips to help you take actions

Everyone have dreams in life, all of us have aims in life but how do you achieve them? Its simple, by taking action. It is in this step most of us will get stuck. This inability to take action is the biggest reason holding back most of the people from achieving their goals and making their dreams come true.

Try to figure out what is blocking you. What is the factor that is stopping you from taking actions and moving ahead in life, is it the fear or being unsuccessful or just plain laziness? whatever the reason, using these five simple steps you can overcome and move on to taking action.

1. Stop overthinking

Overthinking will make you analyze the action from different angles blocking you moving forward. In order to stop overthinking you need to understand that overthinking is not
going to take you anywhere. Just be patient and enjoy your present. Do not worry too much, get at least little exercise everyday, running in a park or cycling with your friends for example.

Find some time to meditate. Breathing techniques can help greatly in controlling yourself and your thoughts. Once you are able to control your overthinking nature do not overthink again during your planning and scheduling process later.

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2. Overcome fear of failure.

Understand one thing, everyone fails at a point in life, everyone. There is absolutely nobody who have succeeded in everything. Think positive and stay positive.

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Think about this – what can be the worst that can happen if you fail? in most of the cases it is not going to be that bad. Also think about the positive results your action can bring to your life, this will keep you moving.

3. Keep focused and stay away from distractions

Prioritize your mind about the action and goal you have set. Think about why you want to do it and again think about the positive results it can bring, this will be a great motivation.
Get enough sleep and make sure you are continuing with exercise and meditation. Take proper breaks from your hectic life and establish a routine for you.

4. Plan and schedule

Time management is one of the most important things in life. The art of planning lies in understanding your time and your needs. Figure out what you can achieve utilizing your time properly.

Always make sure you have enough time for important tasks and also keep in mind that you will need additional time for unexpected things when they come up. Do not plan on doing more than you can using your time and prioritize things to do.

5. Just get up and do it

Keep it in mind that you are doing it because you really want to. Splitting your actions into smaller tasks and doing the hardest part first can help in this process.

Remind yourself that you cannot multitask all the time so, prioritize and get things done one by one. You can keep a written to do list from your previous step of planning and scheduling. Think about the amazing feeling of achievement when you are finally done.

Remember to start small. Rome was not built in a day.


Photo : Vincent van Zalinge