25 Indra Nooyi Quotes


  • At the end of the day, don’t forget that you’re a person, don’t forget you’re a mother, don’t forget you’re a wife, don’t forget you’re a daughter. – Indra Nooyi


  • The world is full of ideas today, if we don’t do it somebody else is going to do it. – Indra Nooyi


  • Take a stand. Be known for your courage and confidence. – Indra Nooyi


  • My parents made us dream that we could be anyone that we wanted to. – Indra Nooyi


  • Leadership is hard to define and good leadership even harder. But if you can get people to follow you to the ends of the earth, you are a great leader. – Indra Nooyi


  • If you don’t give people a chance to fail, you won’t innovate,if you wanna be an innovative company allow people to make mistakes. – Indra Nooyi


  • The more we can break the rules, the better off we’re going to be – Indra Nooyi


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  • An important attribute of success is to be yourself. Never hide what makes you, you. – Indra Nooyi


  • There is nothing like a concrete life plan to weigh you down. Because if you always have one eye on some future goal, you stop paying attention to the job at hand, miss opportunities that might arise, and stay fixedly on one path, even when a better, newer course might have opened up. – Indra Nooyi


  • As a leader, I am tough on myself and I raise the standard for everybody; however, I am very caring because I want people to excel at what they are doing so that they can aspire to be me in the future. – Indra Nooyi


  • The challenge of a leader is looking around the corner and making the change before it’s too late to make the change. – Indra Nooyi


  • When you assume negative intent, you’re angry. If you take away that anger and assume positive intent, you will be amazed. Your emotional quotient goes up because you are no longer almost random in your response. – Indra Nooyi


  • Most companies target women as end users, but few are effectively utilizing female employees when it comes to innovating for female consumers. – Indra Nooyi


  • CEO’s and leaders have to be life-long students. Not just students in the sense of attending courses or reading a book. You’ve gotta learn how to read widely, walk the market, look at the trends in the market place, make connections that don’t seem obvious – Indra Nooyi


  • If you want to improve the organization, you have to improve yourself and the organization gets pulled up with you. – Indra Nooyi


The biological clock and the career clock are in total conflict with each other. – Indra Nooyi


 indra Nooyi  quotes

  • The glass ceiling will go away when women help other women break through that ceiling. – Indra Nooyi


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  • I’m very honest, brutally honest. I always look at things from their point of view as well as mine. And I know when to walk away. – Indra Nooyi


  • You can be very, very competent, but if you’re not willing to speak out, have the confidence based on your knowledge, what’s the point ?. – Indra Nooyi


  • I wouldn’t ask nobody to do something I would do my self. – Indra Nooyi


  • If you give up the guilt, that’s a huge load off your shoulders. – Indra Nooyi


  • My father was an absolutely wonderful human being. From him I learned to always assume positive intent. Whatever anybody says or does, assume positive intent. – Indra Nooyi


  • Women play a couple of roles. They are in professional schools and increasingly producing the talent to keep the engines of the economy growing, but they are also the nurturers and the caregivers. – Indra Nooyi


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  • I pick up the details that drive the organization insane. But sweating the details is more important than anything else. – Indra Nooyi


  • We pretend we have it all. We pretend we can have it all. – Indra Nooyi