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58 Motivating quotes from Pythagoras

Pythagoras quotes


  • No man is free who cannot control himself. – Pythagoras


  • Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in a few. – Pythagoras


  • Friends are as companions on a journey, who ought to aid each other to persevere in the road to a happier life. – Pythagoras


  • Do nothing evil, neither in the presence of others, nor privately. – Pythagoras


  • In this theater of man’s life, it is reserved only for God and angels to be lookers-on. – Pythagoras


  • Most men and women, by birth or nature, lack the means to advance in wealth or power, but all have the ability to advance in knowledge. – Pythagoras


  • Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light. Above all things reverence thyself. – Pythagoras


  • Let no man either by his words, or by his deeds, ever seduce you. – Pythagoras


  • It is better wither to be silent, or to say things of more value than silence. Sooner throw a pearl at hazard than an idle or useless word; and do not say a little in many words, but a great deal in a few. – Pythagoras


  • Educate the children and it won’t be necessary to punish the men. – Pythagoras


  • True and perfect friendship is, to make one heart and mind of many hearts and bodies. – Pythagoras


  • Be silent or let your words be worth more than silence. – Pythagoras


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  • Strength of mind rests in sobriety; for this keeps your reason unclouded by passion. – Pythagoras


  • For as long as man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.- Pythagoras
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  • Wisdom thoroughly learned, will never be forgotten. – Pythagoras


  • Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they please. – Pythagoras


  • Reason not with him, that will deny the principal truths. – Pythagoras


  • There is geometry in the humming of the string. – Pythagoras


  • The oldest, shortest words, “yes” and “no”, are those which require the most thought. – Pythagoras


  • Power is the near neighbor of necessity. – Pythagoras


  • Truth is so great a perfection, that if God would render himself visible to men, he would choose light for his body and truth for his soul. – Pythagoras


  • None can be free who is a slave to, and ruled by, his passions. – Pythagoras


It is better to suffer, than to do wrong. – Pythagoras


Pythagoras quotes


  • When the wise man opens his mouth, the beauties of his soul present themselves to the view, like the statues in a temple.– Pythagoras


  • As soon as laws are necessary for men, they are no longer fit for freedom. – Pythagoras


  • Remind yourself that all men assert that wisdom is the greatest good, but that there are few who strenuously seek out that greatest good. – Pythagoras


  • Choose always the way that seems the best, however rough it may be; custom will soon render it easy and agreeable. – Pythagoras


  • Accustom thyself to a way of living that is neat and decent without luxury. – Pythagoras


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  • Reason is immortal, all else mortal. – Pythagoras
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  • Assist a man in raising a burden; but do not assist him in laying it down. – Pythagoras


  • Practice justice in word and deed, and do not get in the habit of acting thoughtlessly about anything. – Pythagoras


  • Concern should drive us into action and not into a depression. No man is free who cannot control himself. – Pythagoras


  • Be not hasty to speak; nor slow to hear. – Pythagoras


  • Despise all those things which when liberated from the body you will not want; invoke the Gods to become your helpers. – Pythagoras


  • Sobriety is the strength of the soul, for it preserves its reason unclouded by passion. – Pythagoras


  • In anger we should refrain both from speech and action. – Pythagoras


  • To use virtue is perfect blessedness. – Pythagoras


  • Better be mute, than dispute with the ignorant. – Pythagoras


  • There are men and gods, and beings like – Pythagoras


  • A fool is known by his speech; and a wise man by silence. – Pythagoras


  • When a reasonable soul forsaketh his divine nature, and becometh beast-like, it dieth. For though the substance of the soul be incorruptible: Yet, lacking the use of reason, it is reputed dead; for it loseth the intellective life. – Pythagoras


  • Choose rather to be strong in soul than in body.– Pythagoras


  • Declining from the public ways, walk in unfrequented paths. – Pythagoras


  • Disbelieve nothing wonderful concerning the gods, nor concerning divine dogmas. – Pythagoras


  • Anger begins in folly, and ends in repentance. – Pythagoras
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  • Without justice, no realm may prosper. – Pythagoras


  • The best and greatest winning is a true friend; and the greatest loss is the loss of time. – Pythagoras


  • He is not rich, that enjoyeth not his own goods. – Pythagoras


  • Do not even think of doing what ought not to be done. – Pythagoras


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  • If there be light, then there is darkness; if cold, heat; if height, depth; if solid, fluid; if hard, soft; if rough, smooth; if calm, tempest; if prosperity, adversity; if life, death. – Pythagoras


  • We ought so to behave to one another as to avoid making enemies of our friends, and at the same time to make friends of our enemies. – Pythagoras


  • Salt is born of the purest parents: the sun and the sea. – Pythagoras


  • A blow from your friend is better than a kiss from your enemy. – Pythagoras


  • It is only necessary to make war with five things: With the maladies of the body, the ignorances of the mind, with the passions of the body, with the seditions of the city and the discords of families. – Pythagoras


  • Time is the soul of this world. – Pythagoras


  • Number is the within of all things. – Pythagoras


  • You will know that wretched men are the cause of their own suffering, who neither see nor hear the good that is near them, and few are the ones who know how to secure release from their troubles. – Pythagoras