Regrets are the natural property of grey hairs. – Charles Dickens

Count your age by friends, count your life by smiles. – Unknown

I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that. – Lauren Bacall

No matter what your age you can be great. -Kishore Bansal

Age is just the amount of time that you have been on earth, what really matters is where you are going after your time is up. – Nishan Panwar

Your age does not define you, you define your age. – Vincent Archer

Age is a necessary but insufficient requirement for growing up. There are immature old people, and there are appropriately mature young people. – Henry Cloud

Life isn’t about your age. Life is about living. So when your birthday comes be thankful for the year that has just past and anticipate with a happy heart what the coming year will bring. – Catherine Pulsifer

There is still no cure for the common birthday. – John Glenn

Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty — they merely move it from their faces into their hearts. – Martin Buxbaum

Grandchildren don’t make a man feel old; it’s the knowledge that he’s married to a grandmother. – G. Norman Collie

I believe we can keep ourselves young by surrounding ourselves with things that make us feel young. – David DeNotaris

We count by changes and events within us. Not by years. – Charles Dickens

Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age. – C.E.M. Joad

Once we hit a certain age, growing older becomes just a number. We start to dread when a birthday comes, we want to be much younger. -Catherine Pulsifer

When it comes to staying young, a mind-lift beats a face-lift any day. – Marty Bucella

Give me chastity and continence, but not yet. – Saint Aurelius Augustine

However, aging is the natural consequence of being alive. It happens to every cell in our bodies – and to every other body on the planet. Every living thing gets older. – Liisa Kyle

The ideas we internalized in our youth do not go away just because we are the ones who are aging. – Rachel Cowan

Science has proven that people who regularly jot down their thoughts in a journal are less likely to have cognitive and memory loss as they age. – Christian J. Borg

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Age may wrinkle the face, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. – Danish Proverb

You’re not as young as you used to be. But you’re not as old as you’re going to be. – Irish Saying

I will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am. – Francis Bacon

For Age is not alone of time, or we should never see men old and bent at forty and men young at seventy-three. – Edgar A Guest

Age is a matter of feeling, not of years. – George W. Curtis


Aging is a natural part of life and brings many changes to and for each of us. Many of these changes happen gradually over time and may go unnoticed until they reach a certain point where we become aware of them and can no longer deny them. – Nina W. Brown

There’s no such thing as too late. That’s why they invented death. -Unknown

Growing older can zap our energy, change our perspective, and challenge our stability. Yet the longing to make a difference in the ones we love lingers, like the fragrance in a home when a sweet candle’s flame has been extinguished. – Rebecca Barlow Jordan

Sometimes, people use age as a convenient excuse. ‘I’m to old too start something new’, or, ‘I couldn’t learn that at my age.’ Other people, though, go on to achieve their greatest accomplishments in life in later years. – Catherine Pulsifer

Keep this in mind, graduation can take place at any age and it can certainly happen more than once in your lifetime. – Mike Finley.

Sometimes people describe my hair as gray, but I prefer the term silver, for I will never grow gray. Gray is a mind-set, a metaphor for growing old, but silver is vibrant and alive, a celebration of life. – Marty Norman

Aging does not necessarily mean letting go of your dreams just because you think you are no longer able to reach them. – Susie Harper

Aging only happens to people who lose their lust for getting better and disconnect from their natural base of curiosity. – Robin

The more experienced you are, the more skills you can bring to a new job or profession. Age can actually work in your favour. – John Allen

Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years.- Ausonius

We are foolish and sentimental and melodramatic at twenty-five, but if we weren’t perhaps we should be less wise at fifty. – W. Somerset

Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age. – Anais Nin

But our ‘childish’ hopes and dreams for something more never really leave us. In fact, getting older can be an ironic catalyst for bringing some of those neglected longings out of the woodwork. – Simeon Lindstrom

As woman, we tend not to like to think about aging. We falsely believe that as we age our beauty is going to diminish, yet nothing could be further from the truth. – Jane Moore

An Aging Mind – People think I know more than I do because I’m older than when they didn’t think I knew as much as I did. – Ariele M. Huff

We must both, I’m afraid, recognise that, as we grow older, we become like old cars – more and more repairs and replacements are necessary. – C. S. Lewis

Age doesn’t matter here. None of them show signs of defeat. Those old couples found love’s true meaning. – The Duke of Quails.

The years ahead are ours to win and cherish. We cannot let anything, least of all our age, stand in our way! – Tina Sloan

The traditional life shifts or passages we used to associate with middle age are no longer occurring on the same timeline for every woman like they did for our mothers and grandmothers. – Robi Ludwig

People say that age is just a state of mind. I say it’s more about the state of your body. – Geoffrey Parfitt

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. – Mark Twain

In youth we learn; in age we understand. – Ebner-Eschenbach

Age does not depend upon years, but upon temperament and health. Some men are born old, and some never grow up.- Tryon Edwards

Age does not make us childish, as some say it only finds us true children still. -Johann Von Goethe

Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind. – Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Age is simply the number of years the world has enjoyed you! – Nishan Panwar

Age is no guarantee of maturity. -Lawana Blackwell

Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough. – Groucho Marx

Age is of no importance unless you are a cheese. – Billie Burke

Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine. – Joan Collins

Age does not matter if the matter does not age. – Carlos P. Romulo

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Age carries all things away even the mind.- Publius Vergilius Maro Virgil

Age attacks when we least expect it. – Terri Guillemets

Sometimes age succeeds, sometimes it fails. It depends on you. – Ravensara Noite

Age is like the newest version of a software it has a bunch of great new features but you lost all the cool features the original version had. – Carrie Latet

Age swallows our childhood.- Terri Guillemets

Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. -Tom Wilson

Age is opportunity no less, Than youth itself, through in another dress. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Age is wisdom if one has lived ones life properly. – Miriam Makeba

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Age is information failure. The body loses fluency. – Jeanette Winterson

Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth. – J. K. Rowling

Age is a very high price to pay for maturity. – Paulo Coelho

Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are. – Muhammad Ali

Age is getting to know all the ways the world turns, so that if you cannot turn the world the way you want, you can at least, get out of the way so you won’t get run over. – Miriam Makeba

The surest sign of age is loneliness.- Amos Bronson Alcott

I believe the true function of age is memory. I’m recording as fast as I can.- Rita Mae Brown

Age should not have its face lifted, but it should rather teach the world to admire wrinkles as the etchings of experience and the firm line of character. – Ralph B. Perry

Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art. – Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

Age is like love, it cannot be hid.

In the continuum between our youth and old age a lot of ‘stuff’ happened, some good, some bad, some life changing, some life stealing, some painful, some joyful, some memorable. – Rick Steiner Ph.D.

Then that same confident and mature high school graduate will be a very different person when they graduate college than when they entered. Four years can make a big difference in maturity. – Lee Binz

The older I get, the better I understand that every day is a gift. – Joel Osteen

You grow up on the day you have your first real laugh, at yourself. – Ethel Barrymore

Age, happens. No matter how much money you spend in damage control, how healthy you eat, or what vitamins you take, age, happens. – Annie Keys

Old age is one of those things that you fight and work hard to do everything the commercials on television and the magazine in the beauty parlor say to do so it doesn’t happen. – Annie Keys

Each passing year sees changes in our world, our society, but we also change and grow up to appreciate the value of each day of every New Year. – Kate Summers

Great success can be derived from the unquenchable desire to grow, mature, and improve when people are doing things they are passionate about. – Ella Marie

Imagination grows by exercise, and contrary to common belief, is more powerful in the mature than in the young. – W. Somerset Maugham

Death can come at any age, but the pride of life fools a person into thinking that day is far away. – John Buttrick

Youth teaches, age puts what we have learned into practice, teaching us wisdom. – Catherine Pulsifer

Time is a precious commodity. If you have not been enlightened to this actuality in your youth, you most certainly will in old age. – Adam Jacobs

Watching others age seems more gradual, while our own shift is jarring. – Vivian Diller, PH, D.

To the old, long life and treasure; To the young, all health and pleasure. -Ben Jonson

A man who correctly guesses a woman’s age may be smart, but he’s not very bright. – Lucille Ball

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I find friendship to be like wine, raw when new, ripened with age, the true old man’s milk and restorative cordial. – Thomas Jefferson

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. – Henry Ford

There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes. – Dr. Who

I don’t really think in terms of how old people are other than I find people who are chronologically, biologically, or emotionally very old. Youthfulness exists beyond biological age. – Deepak Chopra

Remember though that age is not to be feared, You are just achieving your prime. – Catherine Pulsifer

I guess the older we get, the more we want to be younger. Well, maybe not really young but at the age where we are more carefree and vibrant. But, while we cannot turn back the clock, we can turn back our mind and do a number of things differently that will make you think and feel younger.- Byron Pulsifer

The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of ages, may be preserved by quotation. – Benjamin Disraeli

Life, an age to the miserable, and a moment to the happy. – Francis Bacon

Joyfulness keeps the heart and face young. A good laugh makes us better friends with ourselves and everybody around us. – Orison Swett Marden

Young people, from lack of experience, are often puzzled over the future. – Bill Calhoun

Every one desires to live long, but no one would be old. – Abraham Lincoln

We can discover life’s secrets at any age, and the sooner we discover them, the more fulfilling our life will be. – John Izzo, Ph D.,

Old age is all about the golden years, which are the best years of your life. – Joe Allen
Yes, Christmas is for children – except that children grow up to be adults who just might love Christmas as much as they did in their younger years. – Cherie Lowe

A man that is young in years, may be old in hours, if he have lost no time. But that happens rarely. Generally, youth is like the first cogitations, not so wise as the second. For there is a youth in thoughts, as well as in ages. – Francis Bacon

The years teach much which the days never know. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Children are a great comfort in your old age – and they help you reach it faster, too. – Lionel Kauffman

Age is how we determine how valuable you are.- Jane Elliot

I don’t look my age, I don’t feel my age and I don’t act my age. To me age is just a number. – Joan Collins

Age imprints more wrinkles in the mind than it does on the face. – Michel de Montaigne

Age has been the perfect fire extinguisher for flaming youth. – Navjot Singh Sidhu

The wiser mind mourns less for what age takes away than what it leaves behind. – William Wordsworth

He who is of a calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pressure of age, but to him who is of an opposite disposition, youth and age are equally a burden. – Plato

At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At age 40, we don’t care what they think of us. At age 60, we discover they haven’t been thinking of us at all. – Ann Landers

You have to remember that in this day and age, older people are becoming more sedentary in their lifestyles and that in itself encourages the onset of ailments that they could have otherwise avoided. – James Carmen

Age does not protect you from love, but love to some extent protects you from age. – Jeanne Moreau

Age is just a number and if two people like each other nothing should stop them from being together. – Unknown

Live your life and forget your age. – Norman Vincent Peale

I will not hold my opponent’s youthful inexperience against him. – Ronald Reagan
Aging, at all phases of life, means leaving behind one stage to move on to another. – Vivian Diller, PH, D.

No person, at any age, needs to remain on an uninspiring level of accomplishment. – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

The finest gift a man can give to his age and time is the gift of a constructive and creative life. – Wilferd Peterson

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